Nidum Nannies are proud to support NYAS

At Nidum Nannies we know there are so many factors that can have an impact on the health and wellbeing and physical and emotional development of children and young people. The global pandemic in 2020 amplified the impact on children’s mental health needs, and educational attainment and outcomes.

Our roots are in child health and education and we wanted to give something back by forging a relationship with a charity that shares our values.

NYAS provides advocacy and legal representation to children when important decisions are being made about them. The children and young people NYAS work with might be in care, have a disability or special needs, be subject to child protection plans, have mental health difficulties or their parents might be separating. Inherently this significantly increases the vulnerability and therefore outcomes of these groups of children and young people.  You can find out more about NYAS by watching the video below. You can make a donation by clicking on the ‘donate’ button.  By doing so you will help change a young person’s life.


To Find Out More Watch This Video

When making a donation please use the code NN21 so that we can track donations to NYAS from this website – thank you!

£30 Allows a young person to attend a mental health support workshop.

£50 Funds a helpline advisor for three hours, allowing children in care to reach out for advice and support.

£100 provides a child with a tablet to use for family contact and school work during the pandemic.

A poem called LISTEN by a young person in care.

My silence does not mean

I don’t have anything to say

That I don’t want to speak

And I like it this way

I just want things to change

To know I have nothing to fear

Listen to my feelings

I want someone to hear

So ask me what I want

Offer me a choice

Show me you’re on my side

Help me find my voice

NYAS teenager nidum nannies