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Our roots are in child health and early years’ education underpinning our standards of Safety, Trust, Compassion and Development.

We know how important it is choosing childcare.  At Nidum Nannies we source the best childcare to suit our client’s needs.

In essence we are a nanny agency providing premium, high calibre and experienced individuals, to ensure peace of mind for families who require live in, temporary or event child care.

Nidum n.Nest in Latin.  A safe space for the young to live, grow and develop.

Our Clients

Trust, discretion and confidentiality are vital for us and our families who have nannies placed from Nidum Nannies.  Our clients are from all walks of life with varying backgrounds. They are often high net-worth individuals, sportsmen and women, celebrities and directors.

The overarching theme is the high standards and expectations our clients command.  We work closely with personal assistants, house staff and families to ensure the right nanny is placed for peace of mind with child care arrangements.

Nidum Nannies

Our bar is set high to register as a nanny at Nidum Nannies and we pride ourselves on providing highly experienced skilled nannies.

You can read our essential and desirable criteria that applicants must meet to register at Nidum Nannies here>

Additionally to our vetting processes, and of particular importance for high profile clients in the public eye and media, we work with Social Media Check to provide further assurance and clarity regarding an individuals integrity and character prior to placing them as a nanny.


Nidum Standards

Our standards of practice contain four core principles: Safety, Trust, Compassion and Development. Collectively, they encompass our priorities.  Individually, they provide unnegotiable guidance for nannies registered with us for working with families, clients and their children.

The behaviours and actions that drive our core principles create a safe, healthy environment where children grow and develop whilst generating a trusting, communicative and loyal relationship with families and clients.  You can read our standards in full here>

Our Partners

Our partners have a long history in child health and education.
As parents themselves they understand your family’s needs and significance of getting childcare right for you and your children.

Your children’s health and development, brought together through safe standards of practice, education and play are of upmost importance.
Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Jamie Crew

Jamie Crew

Director and Partner at Nidum Nannies

Jamie is a qualified paediatric nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK.  He has over 20 years nursing experience in Child Health.  He has worked on the front line in one of the busiest Children’s Emergency Departments in the UK and taught Advanced Paediatric Life Support Nationally.

He has held Leadership roles in Child and Family Health within the National Health Service, worked with Health Education England and held Senior Children’s Specialist roles within the Independent Healthcare Sector.

Aside from Quality Improvement, Change Management and Leadership, fundamentally his end goal throughout his career lies with striving for children to receive exemplary, safe evidenced based care.

He brings a wealth of Child Health, Safeguarding and Child Development experience to Nidum ensuring that his uncompromising approach to recruitment selects the right nanny for our clients and family’s needs.

Paul Lowther

Paul Lowther

Director and Partner at Nidum Nannies

Paul is a primary teacher with over 20 years’ experience of teaching in Early Years, KS1 and KS2 in schools across Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derby. Paul is also a qualified headteacher who has a track record of high-quality education standards for all children. During his time as a headteacher he has led his school to be one of the first primaries in the UK to achieve the World Class Schools Status and in the same year achieve the national accolade of TES English Team of the Year.

Paul is a practicing school’s inspector where he strives to support schools to provide the very best education to have impact on all children whatever their need or background.

Paul has a wealth of experience in Safeguarding including working as a Designated Safeguarding Lead to support children’s welfare, mental health and wellbeing. He will bring this experience and knowledge to Nidum Nannies to ensure that we recruit the very best nannies for our clients and their children.

Our Advisors

Stephanie Berry

Our Safeguarding advisor.  Steph has over 16 years’ experience as a qualified Paediatric Nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK. 

Safeguarding Children and Young people has formed the main part of her career.  She has worked in acute paediatric medicine and emergency care delivering exceptional care to children and families. 

She currently holds a senior leadership role in Safeguarding Children and Adults in the NHS.

Jane Panter

Our early years advisor. Jane has been a been a qualified teacher since 2004 and gained a breath of experience having been a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Sendco) and Deputy Head teacher. Her extensive experience ensures she focusses on the whole child, utilising learning opportunities to ensure every child matters and considers learning, physically, mentally, socially and culturally.

Her passion lies with giving children the best learning opportunities that will give them choices in life whatever background or experiences. She has experience teaching in EYFS, KS1 and KS2, achieved AfPE award in her school and supports the importance of foundations particularly with regards to vocabulary and acquisition of language. She will be a great asset at Nidum Nannies.